R. E. 2013  translated into English by U.F. Strübin

Gustav Spoerri was born in 1902 to expatriate Swiss potters in Zell am Harmersbach Germany. After completing an apprenticeship as a ceramic painter, he furthered his education in Karlsruhe [with Max Lauger], Dresden and Vienna. Later he became artistic adviser and director of Villeroy & Bosch in Dresden. Spoerri returned to Switzerland with his family in 1948 and became artistic director for Tonwaren Fabrik Ziegler AG in Schaffhausen until 1964. In the early 50's Gustav Spoerri built himself a house and studio "Trubeguetli" in Neuhausen am Rheinfall where he started to work on his own artistic endeavours. From 1965 until his death in 1976 Spoerri worked solely in his own studio.
A colourfully painted ceramic bowl purchased over 25 years ago planted the seed for the beginning of this book. There was very little information about the life and work of Gustav Spörri, so Markus Strubin decided to investigate. He found collectors both in Switzerland and abroad who shared their collections and their esteem of the artist that many knew personally. In addition there are texts from the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen and the Swiss National Museum's ceramic collection. The art historian Barbara von Orelli contributes a critical appreciation of the artist. Along with historical photographs, the book contains numerous professional photos of the ceramic objects and signatures commissioned solely for this publication.
Markus Strubin was born in 1956 in London Ontario where he grew up with his 2 brothers on his parent's farm. He currently resides in Allschwil by Basel. Since the purchase of his first Gustav Spoerri ceramic more than 1/4 century ago, not only has the passion for collecting increased but also the works that he and his partner Bea Hanger have accumulated.

"The book unlocks a piece of Swiss cultural history establishing a more comprehensive encounter with a fascinating Swiss artist."
5. Jan, 2013
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Markus Strübin
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